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How do we involve you in the organisation? (client board)

We value your opinion and that is why we have a client board. This consists of parents and young people who advise the organisation based on their own experience. Together with the client board, we want to strengthen the involvement of clients and improve the help provided to clients.

Each region has its own client board
Fortunately, the client board is getting bigger and bigger. The plan is for each region to have its own client board. A central client board will then be formed, in which a representative from each region will participate. Client board meetings are currently taking place in two regions, which collectively represent all regions of Jeugdbescherming West. In the Zuid-Holland Zuid and Zuid-Holland Midden regions, five members participate in meetings. Together, they currently form one client board. The client board has one set of overall client board regulations and there are separate internal rules for each region.

No young people are members of the client board (yet). There are young people in contact with the client ambassador who are approached based on a theme. Young people do also want to contribute to improvement, but often not in the ‘fixed’ form of a client board. That is why it has now been decided to set up a youth panel that will be consulted.

If you would like to participate or if you would like more information about the client board, please send an e-mail to: .