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Jeugdbescherming West is a certified institution for the implementation of youth protection and juvenile rehabilitation. We work, among other things, with families in the context of preventive youth protection and with families with a judicial child protection or juvenile rehabilitation measure. We work in five regions.

  • Haaglanden
  • Zealand
  • Zuid-Holland Noord
  • Zuid-Holland Midden
  • Zuid-Holland Zuid

Jeugdbescherming West’s ambition is for children to grow up in a sustainably safe way and that they receive the highest quality of care if their safety is at risk. This can only be done in close cooperation between the municipal local teams and Jeugdbescherming West, so that clients have to deal with a single line of assistance. This means the continuous involvement of the local teams during the preventive or legal measure is important. At the same time, we think that the use of heavy youth care can be prevented because escalations can be prevented by using the GI expertise earlier. Due to the continued involvement of the municipal local teams, we also hope that youth protection measures can be concluded earlier, because continuity is provided by the municipal local teams.

Municipal support is an often ongoing process for our target group, to which the efforts of Jeugdbescherming West are temporarily added. In all regions in which Jeugdbescherming West operates, there are programmes and projects that aim to improve the cooperation between local and GI, as outlined above, with the aim of allowing children to grow up safely in a sustainably safe way.

In addition to the local teams, we also work a lot with the network of the family, municipalities, Veilig Thuis, Child Protection Board, the Public Prosecution Service, care providers, mental healthcare institutions, Expert meetings, general practitioners, volunteer organisations and education.