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How do we handle your data?

We keep your data in a file. This contains the personal data of all family members, such as name, address, date of birth and citizen service number (BSN). It also describes why you are a client with us, what we have agreed with you, what help is offered to you and who is involved.

The retention periods are as follows:

  • voluntary framework and juvenile rehabilitation: 20 years;
  • child protection measure (supervision order, authorisation for custodial placement and guardianship): 30 years.

Privacy law
Because we consider careful handling of personal data important, we employ a data protection officer and a security officer. These officials advise the organisation on how the work processes can comply with the GDPR privacy law and the privacy provisions of the Youth Act and how the client’s rights to careful data protection can best be guaranteed.

Privacy regulations
For more information about privacy, please consult the privacy regulations of the trade association Jeugdzorg Nederland or the privacy statement of Jeugdbescherming West.

Securely sending e-mails
We want to be able to securely exchange privacy-sensitive information with all our clients and chain partners. That is why Jeugdbescherming West uses the ZIVVER program to securely send privacy-sensitive information by e-mail. More information about ZIVVER can be found here .