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ANBI Jeugdbescherming west

Name of the institution and RSIN/tax number

  • Jeugdbescherming West Policy & Operations Foundation: 803570442
  • Jeugdbescherming West Haaglanden Foundation: 816749310
  • Jeugdbescherming West Zuid-Holland Foundation: 805450117
  • Jeugdbescherming West Zeeland Foundation: 811773644

Contact details
Neherkade 3054
T 070 3082999

The objective
The foundation’s objective is: Insofar as the foundation has a certificate or provisional certificate, as a certified institution, as referred to in the Youth Act, carrying out youth protection measures and/or juvenile rehabilitation (Art. 2(1) of the statutes).

The policy plan
The foundation’s policy is laid down in the strategic plan and is monitored and adjusted according to the annual system. Click here for the annual reports .

The composition of the board
The Supervisory Board consists of one chair and five members. We work in accordance with the principles of the healthcare-wide governance code. The day-to-day management is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, Mr J. van der Hulst and Ms A. Rotering.

2022 Supervisory Board

  • Mr M. Schoenmaker (Milo) – Chair
  • Mr H. Wiebes (Hans) – Member of the Finance audit committee
  • Ms T. van Altena (Tamara) – Member of the Quality and Safety audit committee
  • Ms F. Örgü (Fadime) – Member of the Quality and Safety audit committee
  • Ms M. van Bergen (Marjan) – Member of the Finance audit committee
  • Mr J. van Leijden (Jules) – Member of the Finance audit committee

The remuneration policy
The employees of Jeugdbescherming West fall under the collective labour agreement for Youth Care with their own job matrix with accompanying salary scales. For information on the remuneration of the board of directors and supervisory board, please refer to the annual accounts .