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Supervision order

Your child has been placed under supervision
The supervision order is issued by the juvenile court based on the advice of the Child Protection Board. After the court has issued the supervision order, a youth protector from Jeugdbescherming West will come home to talk to your family. Together with your family, the youth protector makes a plan in which the safe development of the children is key. That plan belongs to your family. By using the strength of your own family and social network, we ultimately ensure that you can continue on your own.

When you are placed under supervision, you retain the authority yourself. The youth protector watches and helps you, and you make important decisions about your child together with the youth protector. Sometimes a child can no longer live at home and it is necessary that your child is (temporarily) removed from the home. In that case, we can request an authorisation for custodial placement from the court. We try to avoid this as much as possible.

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