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Crisis Intervention Team

It is important that children can grow up safely. Normally, parents manage to take care of this themselves, but sometimes they don’t. The CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) is a team of employees that responds day and night (7×24 hours) to reports of unsafety among children and young people. Our employees have broad expertise. For example, they have knowledge in the field of youth care, youth psychiatry (GGZ) and intellectual disability (LVB). This helps us to provide as much appropriate care as possible in a crisis.

When does the CIT enter the picture?
We are involved with a family if there are concerns about the immediate safety of a child who may need immediate help.

What exactly does the CIT do?
The CIT has an active working method, often focuses on problematic situations and works on a voluntary basis. The child or young person does not need a judicial measure to receive help from the CIT.

Because parents know their child best, we ask the parents to actively think about how we can improve the situation for the child or young person. Current concerns and positive characteristics are mapped out together with the parents and the child or young person. A plan is then made about what is needed to increase the safety of the parents and the child or young person. The CIT is only involved for a short time, and if support or help is needed for a longer period of time, we ensure that this help is requested together with the parents and the child or young person.

Emergency and crisis during office hours
During office hours, only a professional can report a crisis situation via 070-3450506. Clients experiencing crisis themselves can contact their own care provider or report to, for example, the police, the GP, the CJG or the school, etc. This professional assesses whether there is a crisis and whether the CIT should be called in.

Emergency and crisis outside office hours
If there is a crisis situation in the evening (after 17:00) or during the weekend, call the CIT Haaglanden phone number for outside office hours 070-3450506. This is for both professionals and the clients themselves. For more information about the region, see: Emergency & crisis.

Report child abuse
To report child abuse, call Veilig Thuis during and outside office hours at phone number 0800-2000. This number is free.

For more information, see: CIT leaflet