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Client ambassador

Jeugdbescherming West has employed a client ambassador since April 2018. Her name is Caroline Quarles van Ufford. As a client ambassador, she brings the client’s voice into the organisation, because the client’s voice is very important! But she can’t do that alone. Of course, she needs the input of clients for this. That input can be from children and young people as well as their parents.

So do you want to participate in the discussion and think about how things can be improved and what is going well? Then Caroline will gladly invite you. You could talk once, but also a few times, or you can sign up to join the youth or client board. Both young people and their parents can participate in the client board. If you are interested or if you just have some questions, send Caroline an e-mail at or call/text her at 06 – 319 241 88.