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Jeugdbescherming West stands for quality in youth care. All our employees always work for the safety and development of children in a respectful manner. This results in high-quality guidance for our families.

Learning and working
Jeugdbescherming West challenges employees to a continuous process of learning and working in order to increase quality. Quality is never finished. We continue to research, in collaboration with colleges and universities, how our services can be improved and how we can further increase the quality.

Certified institution
Youth protection west meets the quality requirements set from the standards framework for youth protection and juvenile probation. This means that we are a certified institution that is authorized to carry out measures in the field of youth protection and youth rehabilitation on behalf of the municipalities.

Competency management and talent development
Jeugdbescherming West has been working with competency management for a number of years now. Competency management is a feedback system that helps people with their performance and professional growth. Now that the entire organisation has been transformed, we have the ambition to further develop competency management into talent management. Talent management focuses on binding and captivating motivated and enthusiastic people within the organisation. All employees of Jeugdbescherming West can be ambassadors of Jeugdbescherming West in their own way. Individual talents and personal ambitions differ. That is why Jeugdbescherming West focuses on diversity, customisation and a motivating approach when developing competencies and talents.