telSpoed & crisis

Mission & vision

Giving every child permanent safety, that is our mission. We do this 24/7 for children in the most complex situations. Our approach focuses on creating a sustainably safe foundation for the child. By working well together with the child, the parents, their network and the care providers involved, we break through existing problematic family patterns. We work methodically and we continuously learn and reflect on our actions.

Children must be able to grow up and develop in a safe manner and, if the child has or has committed criminal behaviour, we ensure that new criminal behaviour is prevented. We build sustainable safety with the child, the parents, the network and the professionals involved by making safety agreements, always from a family-oriented perspective. This means that we take a good look at the whole family and analyse, tackle and break through family patterns together.

In order to achieve a sustainably safe foundation, we continuously monitor safety. We pay specific attention to recognising sexual abuse, effectively intervening in complex divorces and ensuring client participation. We use our expertise to maximise valuable work and prevent waste. By valuable work we mean everything that contributes to the permanent safety of the child.

We are part of the safety chain and work together with the neighbourhood and youth teams. In order to realise and maintain safety, we find it important that the youth team remains involved as an overall director of the process throughout our intervention. We actively share our expertise so that we collectively have a timely insight into the safety of children and escalations are prevented. In addition, we advise the municipalities on suitable care provision. We do this based on the conviction that early action with the right intervention prevents unsafe situations for children.

Our youth protectors do meaningful and intensive work. They must feel safe and vital when performing their work. That is why we provide optimal support, guidance, training, time for reflection and the availability of specialist expertise.

It is our ambition to work with multi-year substantive and financial agreements with the municipalities where we are currently active.