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Management and supervisory board

Jeugdbescherming West is a horizontal organisation. The youth protectors work in self-organising teams together with the professionals in the municipality where they work. These teams are led by team managers, who report directly to the board of directors. The board is then accountable to the supervisory board. Jeugdbescherming West has employee participation in the form of a works council and client board.

Board of directors
The board of directors of Jeugdbescherming West consists of Astrid Rotering (chair) and Joost van der Hulst. The board of directors works in accordance with the regulations of the board of directors of Jeugdbescherming West. The day-to-day management is the responsibility of the board of directors.

Supervisory board
Our supervisory board works according to the principles of the healthcare-wide governance code and consists of one chair and five members, namely:

Mr M. Schoenmaker (Milo) chair
Mr H. Wiebes (Hans) member of the Finance audit committee
Ms T. van Altena (Tamara) member of the Quality and Safety audit committee
Ms F. Örgü (Fadime) member of the Quality and Safety audit committee
Ms M. van Bergen (Marjan) member of the Finance audit committee
Mr J. van Leijden (Jules) member of the Finance audit committee

Three foundations
Jeugdbescherming West consists of four foundations: three executive foundations in the Haaglanden region, Zeeland region and Zuid-Holland region and a foundation that houses the Policy and Operations departments.

The agreements made within our organisation with regard to authorities are specified in this mandate regulation.

Jeugdbescherming West falls under the (financial) responsibility of the municipalities with which contracts have been concluded. We have made agreements with them about the performance we must deliver. We report on the costs and account for the service and production. The Youth Care Inspectorate supervises.

Trade association
Jeugdbescherming West is a member of Jeugdzorg Nederland, the trade association for youth care organisations.