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The Complex Care Expertise Team (Expertiseteam Complexe Zorg or ECZ) consists of specialised employees who are part of Jeugdbescherming West and aims to offer consultation and advice in determining care needs, complex care demands and to mediate and support in the referral to specialist youth care. The ECZ provides one central point of contact for all youth care professionals in the chain. The ECZ is contracted by the municipalities and is therefore independent and available to everyone.

The ECZ believes that the care needs of children should always come first. The majority of children who receive youth care can achieve the desired results with existing care. It is the group of complex cases that requires customisation and where strong cooperation in the chain is necessary to realise this.

The ECZ offers consultation and advice and can mediate in the following situations:

Care mediation Haaglanden and Midden-Holland
Care mediation is part of the Complex Care Expertise Team. The care mediators play an important role in directing specialist care, maintaining the network, establishing contacts with the chain partners and keeping the social map up to date. The care mediators connect, shorten the lines and effectively use the network they have built up to realise a suitable offer for complex cases. Coordination problems between youth care providers, youth teams or certified institutions (GIs) are addressed at an early stage. In addition, the care mediator monitors processes after advice and mediation has been initiated. There are various forms of consultation or case studies in which the care mediators participate.

Expert meetings
In the regions of Haaglanden and Midden Holland, case consultations for complex cases take place at fixed intervals. Representatives of various youth care providers are present during these meetings. During these meetings, an integrated approach is created for each case and, if necessary, customisation is discussed. The consultations are chaired and coordinated by the ECZ. The advice includes what help is most appropriate for the young person.

Registrations for placements within JeugdzorgPlus are handled by the JeugdzorgPlus coordination. This is done by the Complex Care Expertise Team for Zuid-Holland. The municipality of Rotterdam has its own care mediation. The coordination advises the employees of Jeugdbescherming West, all neighbourhood teams and the Child Protection Board about closed placements.

If it is decided to ask a court for a closed authorisation, this legal process is coordinated. A qualified behavioural scientist will be asked to assess the request and discuss the request with the young person. The young person is registered by the coordination for a treatment place within JeugdzorgPlus. After placement, the coordination can be reached for questions, advice, transfer requests and the procedure for the possible extension of the placement.

You can reach the ECZ during office hours via number: 070 308 2999.

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