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Our method

To achieve lasting safety, we have to break certain family patterns, sometimes across generations. After all, the family is not only the problem, but often also the solution. How can we, together with the family, change the pattern instead of trying to change existing relationships?

Family-oriented approach
The Family-oriented Approach (Gezinsgerichte Aanpak or GGA) is our method of case management for families where children grow up unsafe and whose parents cannot or do not (yet) want to change, regardless of whether there is a youth protection or juvenile rehabilitation measure or preventive effort. Within the GGA, the youth protector always works with Functional Family Parole (FFP).

Opportunities and possibilities of children
As a Certified Institution (Gecertificeerde Instelling or GI) we have continuous insight into the safety of the children and we act in the event of unsafety. We do so based on the opportunities and possibilities of the child(ren) and their parents and environment. Together with the child or children, parents/caregivers and other important system members, we investigate what is going on, what the underlying patterns are and what care and help is needed to ensure the permanent safety of children. We write this down in a family plan. Our involvement is temporary: as long as necessary and as short as possible. We transfer as soon as the pattern is broken and the change is secured, so that the immediate safety of the children is not jeopardised again in the future. We call this permanently safe. The family-oriented approach requires expertise from the youth protector in the way in which they make and maintain contact with the family and work with the family to permanently improve the safety situation of the children.

We have summarised our method in the image shown below. For more information about our method, click here.