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Satisfied or dissatisfied?

A child protection measure can be drastic. We think it is important that there is proper collaboration between you and your youth protector(s). All our youth protectors are SKJ registered and work according to the professional code.

Are you satisfied?
Your opinion is important. Are you satisfied with the cooperation between you and employees of Jeugdbescherming West? We would like to hear this and pass it on to our employees. You can send us an e-mail for this.

Are you dissatisfied?
Sometimes collaboration is complicated. If you are dissatisfied with something, please discuss this with your youth protector first. Discussing the situation often leads to a solution. If you cannot resolve the matter together, you can discuss the situation with the supervisor of your youth protector: the team manager. This team manager will make every effort to find a solution together with you and the youth protector.

There are various possibilities here. For example, you can use an external mediator (can be reached via ) or our client ambassador or submit a complaint to the complaints committee. You can always have someone you trust assist you in the conversations.

If you find it difficult to articulate your complaint or if you want other support in handling your complaint, you can contact the Advice and Complaints Office for Youth Care (Advies- en Klachtbureau Jeugdzorg or AKJ). The AKJ is the organisation of the confidential counsellors in youth care. The AKJ is independent. More information about the AKJ can be found at: .

If you remain dissatisfied with the way in which your complaint has been handled, you can submit a formal complaint to the complaints committee using the complaint form .

You can send your complaint to:
Jeugdbescherming west
attn. the complaints committee
Neherkade 3054

Or by e-mail to:

You can read more about the complaints procedure in our complaints policy and you can read about how the complaints committee works in the complaints committee procedure rules .