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With Vlielandkamp Lange Paal we want to finally offer a vacation to children who have been through a lot or who hardly get the chance to. Structure is important here and fun is paramount. The Vlieland Camp is an unforgettable experience for the children! We are very proud to be able to arrange this every year thanks to our loyal funds and numerous sponsors.

The Vlielandkamp LangePaal is an initiative of Jeugdbescherming West and Jeugdformaat. For years we have been organising the Vlielandkamp together with a loyal group of volunteers. Our organisation is characterised by professionalism (all organisers work in youth care), attention to each individual child, and an enormous drive to make this camp a success.

Children who come with us have been through a lot and sometimes have a hard time at home. That is why we organise all kinds of activities on the island, to give these children the best possible week. A day at the beach, an exciting game in the woods… and the creative ‘Vlielandjournaal’ to process it all. A daily recurring theatrical story with a common thread, offering a summary for the day. The children are captivated by this every evening before dinner!

With your donation, we can give vulnerable children a wonderful week of true vacation. We use the money from your donation to pay for larger things outside of daily shopping and facilities. For example, you contribute to:

  • boat tickets
  • a trip with the Vliehors express
  • the seal tour
  • camping equipment such as sleeping bags
  • delicacies such as sugar bread, fries or ice cream

In addition, we provide some children with extra clothing and everyone gets a fun Vlieland camp sweater. Nice and warm for the evening, and so everyone on the island can easily recognise us. For more information about making a donation, click here .

For more information about the camp, click here .